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Solar Thermal

Our solar thermal panels will convert this energy and provide up to 70% of your annual domestic hot water requirements. When these panels are exposed to sunlight the solar collector generates heat which is heats the glycol based heat transfer fluid inside the collector. When the temperature of the fluid in the collector rises to around 6 degrees c higher than the temperature of the water at the bottom of your hot water cylinder (coldest part) the solar controller then starts the circulating pump.

The glycol fluid being pumped around the solar system then transfers the heat from the solar collector to your hot water cylinder. The circulating pump will continue to operate and transfer the heat until either your domestic hot water in the cylinder is up to your preset temperature or the temperature differential falls below 6 degrees c.

We can usually install a solar system into your property regardless of whether you have a vented or unvented cylinder or even if you have a combination boiler with no cylinder.